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We eagerly seek books, magazines, newspapers, programs, and other publications related to automobiles and automobile racing. Of special interest are printed or handwritten materials such as newsletters of racing organizations, rule books, and scoring sheets (official and otherwise).

Our interests are not limited to sprint car racing. We collect and archive publications related to all forms of oval track (speedway) and road-course automobile racing, anywhere in the world. We also archive general interest automotive magazines such as Car & Driver, Hot Rod, and Popular Mechanics, especially titles that at least occasionally cover racing.

Donated materials are put to several uses. Books are added to our Library. Magazines, newspapers, and racing programs go into our Archives for use by researchers. Duplicate copies may be sold in our gift shop and at auction and are traded with other racing museums and libraries.


We are building and cataloguing a huge collection of racing photographs and albums. New acquisitions are scanned and entered into a searchable data base. Physical photos and albums are being filed and catalogued, documenting auto racing from its beginnings to the present. Naturally, photos that are documented as to time, place, and subject are of the greatest value.


Most valuable are complete trophies that are engraved with winner’s name together with date and place of the event. However, even broken and incomplete trophies without documentation can be used to restore trophies we want to exhibit.


Driver suits, helmets, and similar items that are identified with specific individuals are of greatest value. Undocumented apparel that exemplifies specific periods (e.g. Cromwell helmets) also are welcome, as are vintage jackets and other wear.

Models and Die-Casts

These can be used to highlight museum exhibits related to specific individuals, and can be sold at auctions and elsewhere to raise funds to support our general activities. Of greatest value are large-scale die-cast models that are detailed and replicate the graphics of famous race cars. Unassembled plastic model kits have market value also. Assembled and painted models that replicate specific race cars, and especially hand-built models are of special interest.

Guidelines for Donating

Any physical objects donated to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum may be tax deductible. We furnish forms listing objects donated. However, we cannot appraise the value of your donations; the amount you set is between you and the IRS.

We can often arrange pick-up of large and bulky donations. Our staff travels widely around the United States to races and other functions.

We have an ample supply of the following: National Speed Sport News newer than 1969, Open Wheel Magazine, Sprint Car & Midget Magazine older than 2018, and Vintage Oval Racing.

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